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Second Nature Asia Pacific Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company based on the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia).  We provide quality, cost effective services in education, tours and travel and consulting throughout Australia, Asia, Oceania, North and Central America, North Africa and Europe. Our guides and facilitators are all experts in their fields! We provide exceptional experiences and opportunities for students and clients – developing a greater understanding of local, national and international affairs, and establishing a broad context for life-long learning for all.


Our Education services provide curriculum/ course-based incursions, excursions, camps and intra/ interstate travel programs for students of all age groups from Australian-based and international schools and universities.

Culture & the Environment

We focus on a growing demand for professional education services, developed/ facilitated/ guided by industry experts in habitat-based field work, incursion-based presentations and cultural education programs (on Australian Indigenous/ Asian/ Pacific Island cultures). We offer programs for:

  • Child Care Centres (Early Learning)
  • Kindergarten/ Prep to Year 12 (Primary + Secondary)
  • Undergraduate to Masters level (Tertiary)
  • Special Interest groups (e.g. education study tours)
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Our Travel services provide exceptional travel experiences for Secondary and Tertiary education groups, and special interest groups, to destinations in 32 countries. Our travel programs are all tailored to the specific experiences requested by each group.

Travel & Guiding services

We are currently offering programs in 32 countries, with each group always accompanied by a local staff member in addition to an international guide.  All our travel programs aim to improve local livelihoods and support conservation programs. Our travel portfolio includes:

  • Cultural emersion programs
  • Conservation/livelihood projects
  • Community Action and Service
  • Experiential programs/ first trip abroad
  • Special interest (e.g. bush-walking, bird-watching, etc.)
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Our Consulting services provide our clients with professional, personalised solutions for a wide variety of challenges, for both small and large scale enterprises. We have experience with Australia-based clients, as well as international companies or projects.

Consulting & Capacity building

Our consulting service portfolio includes:

  • Environmental consulting e.g. Biodiversity surveys
  • Spotter-Catcher services etc.
  • Development and implementation of Tourism Management Plans
  • Development and implementation of Protected Area Management Plans
  • Delivery of capacity-building programs for sustainable tourism, sustainable fisheries, climate change and environmental education
  • Delivery of Tourism Training Programs
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Education Focus Areas


  • Geography
  • Geology
  • International Schools
  • School camp
  • Destination/ culture
  • School activity
  • Special interest tour
  • History
  • Cultural Education
  • Environmental Education
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Science
  • Biology
  • Marine Studies
  • Studies of Society & Environment
  • Southeast Queensland
  • South central Queensland
  • Central Queensland
  • Fraser Coast & Fraser Island
  • Central Eastern Queensland
  • Far north Queensland
  • Central Australia
  • Greater Melbourne
  • Central Victoria
  • Western Victoria
  • Greater Sydney
  • Central West NSW
  • Northern eastern NSW
  • Northern western NSW
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