Cultural Education

If you had the opportunity to have Australia’s best cultural education program supplier come to your school to deliver an exciting, engaging cultural education program – you have come to the right place!
We are very proud to have developed and refined our cultural education programs over many years to become the industry innovator and benchmark. What we offer is a completely unique, highly entertaining experience your students will never forget. All this supported by hundreds of extremely satisfied schools and our money-back guarantee!

With the roll-out of the Australian Curriculum, and as our population becomes increasingly multi-cultural, there is a corresponding need for all Australian students to have exposure to relevant, meaningful and interesting cultural education.
Our cultural education programs focus on Australia’s indigenous culture and that of our neighbouring cultures (those throughout Oceania and South East Asia). Programs for other cultural groups have and can be developed upon request.
All our programs aim to provide students with information which facilitates an understanding and nurtures an appreciation of selected cultures. There has always been a vacancy in the provision of such services in Australia. Second Nature Education has closed this gap by offering education institutions, museums, art galleries and special-interest groups a diverse range of amazing cultural education experiences. Our fantastic facilitators have a combination of decades of experience in cultural education throughout many countries across six continents. We provide four distinct cultural education services. Please click on each service for more information.


Our programs on mangroves

Our portfolio includes

  • On-site Presentations
  • Local, Intra/Interstate Field Trips
  • International Field Trips
  • Exhibition


What you will experience

Experiences we offer

  • Full mangrove forest ‘Habitat Investigation’
  • Animal ID
  • Plant ID
  • Biodiversity survey
  • Disturbed/Undisturbed mangrove forest comparison
  • Bushwalking
  • In-class presentation on ‘Mangroves’ (including variety of mangrove products/foods to pass around/try amongst the group
  • High Ropes/ Low Ropes/ Jungle Surfing etc. (availability depending on delivery location)


Where we deliver our programs

Example locations

  • Northern NSW (e.g. Border Ranges NP, Nightcap NP, Dorrigo NP etc.)
  • Far North Queensland (e.g. Wet Tropics NP, Daintree NP etc.)
  • Central Queensland (e.g. Carnarvon
  • Gorge NP, Boodjamulla NP (formerly Lawn Hill NP))
  • Gold Coast (e.g. Springbrook NP, Lamington NP, Tamborine NP, Burleigh NP, Border Ranges etc.)
  • International (e.g. Asia:Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives; Oceania: Multiple destinations within Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia; Africa: Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar)

Why Us?

Why book with us

We gurantee

  • We are a one-stop-shop for field work/ excursions/ incursions (we provide everything you need including a full break-down of costs
  • Most of our mangrove guides have a botany/ecology degree
  • Money back guarantee
  • Facilitators trained to greatly enhance the enjoyable learning experience for students
  • All relevant equipment including latest technology electronic sampling meters and all tested and calibrated prior to excursion
  • We work with >160 repeat booking educational institutions almost entirely through word-of-mouth marketing
Program Details
On-site Presentations

We have a variety of interactive presentations which have been designed specifically on:

  • The First Walkabout (The History of the Movement of Indigenous People to Australia)
  • Aboriginal Tribal Artefacts (The creation and use of Art, tools and carvings in Aboriginal society)
  • Traders & Missionaries (1) (The History of the Movement of Other Influential People to Oceania)
  • Traders & Missionaries (2) (The History of the Movement of Other influential People to South East Asia)
  • Visitors & Invaders (The History of the Movement of Other influential People to South East Asia)
  • Controversial Case Studies (Aboriginal culture vs European Ideology e.g. Publishing of ‘The Nomads of the Australian Desert)
  • Masks of Southeast Asia & Oceania (The History of the Movement of Other influential People to South East Asia) > Cick here for more information!
  • The Art & Tribal Artefacts of Oceania (The creation and use of Art, tools and carvings in Oceanic societies)
  • The Art & Tribal Artefacts of South East Asia (The creation and use of Art, tools and carvings in Oceanic societies)
  • Aboriginal History (A general history of Australian Aboriginal people from their arrival to Australia to the present)
  • Where Hero’s Were Born (The History of the Movement of Indigenous People to Oceania)
  • The Rise & Fall of 100 Kingdoms (The History of the Movement of Indigenous People in Asia)
  • A Brief History of Australasia & Oceania (A presentation on a combination of all the above for Australia, Oceania, South East Asia or all of them combined)
Local, Intra/Interstate Field Trips

We have a variety of day trips, overnight and multiple-overnight camps which have been designed specifically on:

  • Aboriginal Culture & Lifestyle (Visiting Aboriginal sites, learning how local people used their tribal lands and traded with other clans)
  • The Work of Women (Exploring the incredible art and hand-work of Aboriginal Women in central Australia)
  • Bush Tucker (Food, medicine and other useful plants)
  • The Work of Men (Exploring the incredible art, dance and tool creation/ use of Aboriginal Men in northern Australia)
  • Dreaming of Landscapes (The Dreamtime Creation of local landscapes)
  • Cultural Emersion (Indigenous life in Arnhem Land)
International Field Trips

We have a variety of 5 – 27 day field trips which have been designed specifically to focus on:

  • The Cultural Explorer (Experiencing a specific country’s cultural practices (e.g. Independent Samoa))
  • Masked Societies (Shaman, performance and ritual mask use in Asia e.g. West Timor)
  • Food (Enjoy sampling and cooking the staples and delicacies of Asia (e.g. Viet Nam))
  • Idols & Ancestors (Exploring the creation and use of ‘God’ and human figures e.g. Bali)
  • Minority Report (Explore the culture, lifestyle and plight of ethnic minorities e.g. Taiwan)
  • Architecture (Experience the fantastically old, ingenuitively remarkable and cutting-edge of modern building design through Asia or Oceania)
  • The Fabric of a Culture ((The Textiles of Asia and Oceania) Exploring the incredibly diverse work of women e.g. Thailand and Myanmar)
  • In the Name of God (Explore how and why the influence of religion has shaped and altered the cultural identity of entire countries)
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