Second Nature Asia Pacific has access to an important collection of museum-quality tribal artefacts from all over South East Asia, Indigenous Australia, and Oceania.  Drawing from our extensive collection, schools, universities, museums, art galleries and special interest groups have the opportunity to host exciting, interactive tribal art exhibitions!  We will bring a collection of tribal artefacts aged between 50-1,200 years old that you have chosen to be displayed at your location!
You can choose from a large variety of artefacts. Please view examples of some of our collection by their categories below:
Aboriginal Building Fascade Entertainment Agriculture
Betel chewing Carving tools Figures Household
Jewellery & Adornments Kitchen implements Masks Textiles & Weaving
Transportation & Travel Weapons & Hunting Temple & Religious Guess What?!
Most of our exhibitions are delivered in conjunction with a presentation, or other supporting material.  Our exhibitions have been designed specifically on:
An Introduction to Tribal Art in Australasia & Oceania a fantastic virtual adventure exploring a variety of interesting cultures. This exhibition is design to uncover the uses of tribal objects and meanings  behind their detailed decoration… The history of the movement of people through Australasia & Oceania
Learn how, why, when and where societies came to exist as they do presently throughout this most diverse and interesting part of the world…
The Influences on Tribal Art – Discover how the arrival of traders, missionaries and colonising powers has altered the creation and inspiration behind tribal art…
Indonesia Diversity Through Geography – take a virtual journey across the breadth and depth of Indonesia and uncover the amazing diversity of tribal art through this incredible archipelago… Papua New Guinea – The Hotpot of Tribal Art Learn how the use of tools by some of the world’s first agriculturalists adapted to create some of the most detailed tribal art in the world today… Idols & Ancestors
throughout parts of Asia, Australia and Oceania, ancestor and God-Idol worship has been at the backbone of societies for thousands of years.  Learn how and why this deitification spread through these societies, which exist among such broad geographical and cultural contexts…
Textiles & Weaving – explore the incredible world of textile manufacture in Asia, including material selection, spinning, dying, design and the amazing variety of weaving techniques still in use today… Tribal Masks – masks have been used widely in all cultures around the world.  The fabulous exhibition focuses on the Performance Masks of Asia and the Gable and Protection Masks from Oceania… The Radiance of Tribal Art in the Pacific – the sheer number and variety of ceremonies, festivals and ‘Rites of Passage’ in the Pacific has laid a foundation for an incredible diversity and complexity of tribal art…
Aboriginal Tribal Artefacts – a fascinating exploration of Aboriginal culture, bush survival and livelihoods through an exhibition of weapons, dilly bags, paintings, hunting and gathering implements and ceremonial objects