Second Nature Education provides educational institutions with a variety of fun, interactive simulated field-work experiences, presentations, or exhibition experiences delivered as an incursion. Whilst we highly recommend students gain experience outside the classroom, we also understand that this is sometimes not possible (location of school from relevant habitat, size of cohort/ classes, nature of program requested, cost etc.). We have overcome these obstacles by bringing the experience to you!

Our incursions are designed to give students the opportunity to enjoy and gain a fantastic insight into the current teaching unit through an interactive learning experience enhanced by activities, artefacts and other relevant materials specific to the program being delivered. As with all our programs, the facilitator(s) are the focus of the experience – creating an exciting learning environment for your students.

Program inclusions

  • Curriculum-based work-booklet
  • Award-winning facilitators
  • Discounted transportation options
  • Catering options
  • Booking all third-party providers
  • All relevant field equipment
  • Risk assessment
  • Pre/Post excursion activity
Habitat Studies

Second Nature Education provides a diverse range of opportunities for student groups to undertake Habitat Studies with the convenience of an incursion.

The best way to gain knowledge and experience on a habitat is to visit the habitat and undertake a field study. If you are unable to do that, our incursion options are carefully designed to be the next best thing! Incursions save time and are very cost-effective. We provide a simulated habitat study (and with some habitats, a simulated field-work experience) for almost every habitat in Australia and many habitats located abroad. If you wish to do an incursion on a habitat that is not listed below, please contact us to discuss options. For more information, please click on your habitat of interest from the list below.

If you want to go out into the field – why not contact us to discuss how we can deliver a “habitat study” as an excursion close to your school!


Second Nature Education delivers incursions on your premises. Depending on the type of incursion you wish to experience, we are able to deliver programs at most destinations within Australia, and many locations abroad. If you are located remotely, we may need to offer similar experiences to institutions around your area in order to make the experience viable (cost-effective).

If you wish to have us design and/ or deliver a completely tailored incursion program at your school, please contact us to discuss options.

    • Southeast Queensland
    • Gold Coast & hinterland
    • Moreton Bay & Greater Brisbane
    • Central Queensland
    • Western Queensland
    • Fraser Coast
    • Far North Queensland
    • Greater Sydney
    • Central NSW
    • North Coast
    • Central Coast
    • South Coast
    • Greater Melbourne
    • Central Victoria
    • Northern Victoria
    • Central Coast
    • South Coast
    • All
Habitat Experiences

Second Nature Education habitat-oriented incursion experiences are designed to simulate those required for relevant subjects related to Education Queensland, NSW Board of Studies, Department of Education & Training Victoria, IB Schools, as well as technical college and university subject requirements. Experiences are typically delivered through interactive presentations for Geography, Science, Biology, Indigenous Studies, Marine Studies, Earth & Environmental Science etc. If you wish to have an experience that is not listed below, please contact us to discuss options. Habitat incursion experiences we typically deliver include:

  • Collecting primary data
  • Assessing biotic & abiotic components (sampling)
  • Historical & Cultural significance
  • Changes in land use
  • Management & Policy
  • Natural processes
  • Landforms & geology
Cultural Experiences

Second Nature Education’s cultural-oriented experiences are designed to enhance any unit of study on culture. We have designed multiple programs on Indigenous Australian culture, all cultures within Asia and the Pacific Islands, and other more specific aspects of culture, such as art, movement of people, history etc. Cultural incursion experiences we typically deliver include:

  • Aboriginal & TI culture
  • SEA Cultures
  • Pacific Island cultures
  • Specific or general Indigenous cultures

Second Nature Education has adequate equipment to run incursions for up to 200 students in one day, depending on the year level and location and investigations requested. We supply a variety of technical equipment to support each form of habitat investigation. The supply of all relevant equipment is complimentary with your booking. All equipment will come checked and calibrated. Example equipment provided includes

  • 50m tape measures
  • Anemometers
  • Compasses
  • Clinometers
  • pH meters (soil/ water)
  • Turbidity
  • Thermometer (air/ soil/ water)
  • Conductivity meters (water)
  • ID guides
  • Quadrats
  • Stop watches
  • Dissolved Oxygen test kit
  • Phosphate test kit
  • Nitrate test kit
  • Soil moisture meters
  • Canopy Cover tubes
  • Handheld GPS
  • Water bug ID equipment
  • Dip nets
  • Light meters
  • Flow velocity detection kits
  • Relative humidity meter